Nursery Decor : Prayer of Protection

Babies. So sweet. So innocent. So oblivious. Really. They are so untouched by the world we live in. All they know is love and safety. And how I wish we could keep them like that forever.

But those babies? They have a tendency to grow, to learn, and inevitably toddle away from our protecting hands. My desire to cover our children in prayer is what inspired me to create my latest project:


It’s a prayer of protection to hang in the nursery, above a crib or in a small child’s bedroom. The angel wings are such a visual reminder of God’s protection, aren’t they? Tucked away beneath the wings is my son’s name (which is also featured inside the prayer). It reads, “O Angels of God, from heaven so bright, watching beside RYDER to lead him aright. Fold your wings round him and guard him with love. Softly sing songs to him of heaven above.”

There is also a girl version which can be found here:


The triptych can be hung side by side in a series or you can add an 8×10 photo of your child and hang the artwork in a grid. It also makes a great baby shower gift!


If you still have a baby at home, I pray that it’s a wonderfully blessed time in your household and in your lives. It’s such a short season.

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